HomePlus has a 1+1 special on Tesco brand feta.  I can’t believe I just paid 6K for 400 grams of feta IN KOREA,  Run, don’t walk.  I can already taste tomorrow’s Greek omelette.  I just need to buy the spinach.

ALSO.  Kellogg’s has these awesome coffee mugs with a vintagey Tony the Tiger on them taped to all of their cereal boxes.  I wanted one SO BAD.  Unfortunately, my mother was a tyrant when I was growing up and she refused to allow sugary cereals in the house with the exception of the occasional box of Frosted Mini Wheats or Honey Nut Cheerios.  As a result, I have a strong aversion to sweet breakfast cereals, which seems to be all Kellogg’s sells here.  No free mug for me.

Now I have all of the ingredients to make some good old fashioned Nestle Toll House recipe chocolate chip cookies, which I will end up doing tomorrow morning/afternoon.  They are going to be Christmas gifts for people.  They’re also the one and only baked good that I have absolutely no self control with, so I might make a double batch.  But that will be tomorrow.

For now, I’m going to eat my logical mid-December meal of fried chicken, potato salad, and beer and then I’m going to clean up my apartment. Which is a total embarrassment, by the way.

  1. hotyellowfellows said: omfg, need to find a Homeplus near me! I’m dangerously low on my feta supply.
  2. sequinedstrawberries said: SHUT UP! I hope it lasts till payday this friday. with my luck it wont.
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