MAY 28, 2014
21 Reasons I’m Tired Of Hearing About Introverts
Chelsea Fagan
1. We get it, you are a big part of society.

2. You enjoy making web comics and articles and cheeky image macros about the actual, textbook definition of introversion. (You’re not all shy! You draw your energy from being alone, like a battery recharging!)

3. Often the discourse on “introversion” tiptoes around “we’re not like other people, we sip tea and read quietly in the corner and speak about relationships in elaborate metaphor.”

4. Don’t deny it, you guys absolutely do that shit.

5. It makes it sound like people who are “extroverted” are these soulless, scrap metal-chewing machines who will cease to exist unless we are doing body shots at a party and inviting people to come over so that we don’t have to hear the sound of our own thoughts.

6. It’s like we’re sharks — if we don’t stop moving, we’ll die.

7. But I digress.

8. Extroverts are not like that. Extroverts, like most normal human beings, are just looking to form human connections and draw energy from the world around them. We happen to do this through social communication, but a lot of us are more than capable of being alone for extended periods of time.

9. Yes, some of us even read John Green books by our windowsill whilst sipping English Breakfast tea and thinking about the things we’re going to reblog to our Tumblrs later that afternoon.

10. Introversion has become a “thing” on the internet, an identity that people go out of their way to take pride in and make condescending Power Point presentations about, because we all need to be told why it’s hard for you to make conversation at parties.

11. Plot twist: It’s hard for everyone to make small talk at parties. Small talk blows, and having to pretend to care about your friend’s friend’s brother’s new apartment is enough to drain anyone’s Social Activity Batteries.

12. There are difficult things about being an extrovert, like people assuming you’re constantly hitting on them, or that you can’t stand to be by yourself, or that you’re vapid.

13. But it’s not oppressive.

14. And neither is being an introvert, but often we use the struggles introverts face as a good excuse for them to be outright unkind to, or inconsiderate of, other people. (And don’t you deny that shit, either, you know you guys are constantly talking about why you shouldn’t have to be expected to call people back or show up to things.)

15. And frankly, if it’s an aspect of your personality that you hold onto that firmly, I highly recommend investing in actual personality traits, such as “sense of humor” or “good listener,” or even just “makes a pretty good frittata.”

16. We have all heard and read and seen so much about introversion over the past year or so that I think we’ve all become finally numb to it, and have expanded our definition of it so much that anyone who is not at this very moment performing a cabaret show is considered introverted.

17. In truth, most of us fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, and have days where we err to one side or the other. I’m as extroverted as you can get, but I have entire weeks where I just want to stay at home and watch Netflix and cry while thinking about the raindrops (they are the clouds’ babies!!!).

18. But this doesn’t fit so nicely into a comic about personality types.

19. The point is that we should all be happy being multi-faceted, and exploring the possibilities of our social lives. We should spend time taking care of ourselves, and taking care of the people we love (or the people we haven’t even met yet).

20. And even if you are a #RideOrDieIntrovert, calm down. We get it. You aren’t good at introducing yourself to new groups of people, and you really like being under blankets.

21. So did my dog, though, and if she could talk, she would say that you’re being pretentious assholes.

Blerp. I got tagged again by bentlesthebumblebuttking. I don’t know how you guys think of such interesting questions.

1. Most-loved/longest-owned piece of clothing. You know, the item that is maybe worn into shabbiness but you just can’t trash. What is it?

This will give me away to anyone from home who thinks they might know who I am but isn’t totally sure. I have this black t-shirt that I bought at Salvation Army when I was 17. It was from some fun-run in the 80’s and it has a wonky Kermit the Frog and “It isn’t easy being green” written on the front and a faded list of sponsors on the back. The armpits both have 8 inch in diameter holes in them and the hips are shredded courtesy of the studded belt I wore all day every day for years. I finally stopped wearing it not long after I moved to Korea, but it remains in my dresser’s t-shirt drawer. I’ve always joked about shadowboxing the damn thing and I probably will some day.

2. Your absolutely favorite perfume?

I reeeeeally like Burberry Body Tender.

3. With which of the Harry Potter trio do you most identify? Why?

I don’t know enough about Harry Potter to answer this. Hermoine because she’s a girl and I’m a girl? She has curly hair (I think?) and so do I?

4. A trait, physical or emotional or otherwise, a significant other absolutely must posses for you to be interested.

Independence and a sense of self. I do not do well with nor enjoy the company of people who aren’t independent or need me to depend on them. I want someone that is with me because they want to be, not because they feel like they need me. I want someone that’s okay with me sometimes doing my own thing while they do their own thing. Sometimes we can do our things together. But it shouldn’t be 100% mandatory togetherness at all times.

5. Most unusual item in your handbag?

Sand. Billions and billions of tiny grains of sand.

6. Socks or barefoot?

Both around the house, socks anywhere else.

7. What is your favorite kind of tree?


8. Flower?


9. You can remove one thing from the world completely. Forever. What do you eliminate? Why?

Bingsu because it is not tasty and life is too short for not tasty things.

10. Least favorite flavor. Why?

For some reason I can only think in the context of ice cream flavors, in which case I emphatically say, strawberry. Strawberries are good. Strawberries on or mixed into ice cream are good. Strawberry ice cream is the worst. 

11. You can know a new language fluently. Only one. What do you choose?

Do I remember my other languages? Can I continue to study other languages? If so, I’d probably say Mandarin Chinese. I’ll never learn how to read it otherwise, a ton of people speak it so it would be useful, and I’m at the point in studying Korean where I feel like I have a point to prove and being able to snap my fingers and know it all after spending all this time on it would irritate me forever.


danedear Tagged me for questions. Here I go.

1. what is your favorite show/movie/media & why?

I’m really bad at answering “favorite” questions. 

2. ideal housing siutation?

I spent so much time living in a one-room that now, really small spaces sound the most appealing to me. I think of my dad’s house, which is this three story monstrosity that he moved into after I moved to Korea and have thus spent very limited time in and literally get lost in for the first one or two days I’m home, and I get stressed out and kind of scared. I like the idea of living somewhere really tiny but really well designed.

3. would you rather have a roach infestation or spider infestation?

I…I don’t know. I’m not incredibly offended by either. Spiders eat other bugs but some of them can kill you. Roaches aren’t poisonous but they are ugly and dirty and they poop everywhere.

4. how is your temper/how patient are you?

I don’t know. I think overall I’m pretty patient but I definitely have more than a few things that push my buttons. I don’t really have a quick temper, but I do have a bad one, if you can eek it out of me.

5. song(s) that hold lots of memories for you?

Cloud Blood- Ani Difranco

First Day of My Life- Bright Eyes

Between the Bars-Elliott Smith

6. what do you find yourself forgetting or losing the most?

MY FREAKING KEYS. I lived a keyless life before I moved into this apartment so I’m always leaving them behind. I can now, however, rig my front gate open with no keys in under fifteen seconds.

7. when buying electronics, do you choose white, black or wait until more colours come out?

My iPhone was white. My new Galaxy is black, but only because they didn’t have white in the store and I wasn’t invested enough to make the poor KT guy call every store in the area looking for one. My laptop is champagne colored. As long as it’s neutral I don’t think I really care.

8. what do you wish people recognized/were more aware of as a part of your personality?

The snark and sarcasm and humor and apathy is often not real. But it often is.

9. what food group is your favorite food group?

Vegetables? No who am I kidding cheese. Cheese is a food group.

10. what would the title of your #1 playlist be?

I’ve spent too much time thinking about this and can’t think of a good answer.

11. what is your favorite part of your day?

Probably my commute home from work. I end my day on a high note with my favorite two classes, I’m guaranteed a seat on the train because I get on at the beginning of the line, I can catch up on all my internet reading, I’m usually about to go do something fun or interesting, I’m about to go eat whatever I want, and I get off early enough and start work late enough the next day that I’ve got loads of time to go do whatever I want ahead of me.


I know I’m supposed to think of more questions and tag more people, but I can’t even answer questions about myself let alone think of new ones. And I feel like everyone on Tumblr has already done this.

6 more minutes until I can get off this train and away from my seat mate. He’s older and is SO nice but we have exhausted my conversational Korean (which made me break out in a sweat but I DID IT YAAAAY) and playing on my phone while he periodically glances at me, trying to catch my eye and rope me back into conversation is stressing me out.